Dance Recital

Costume orders (sizes) & recital fee is DUE no later than December 10th. Costume/Recital fee is $143.00. You may divide this into 3 payments of $48 if needed.

Costumes come with all accessories (hair piece, etc.) and tights. We order costumes in December in order to receive them by May.  It is a similar process to ordering bridesmaid dresses. It takes the costume companies many months to complete large costume orders. You will receive detailed information IN THE MAIL to your residence regarding the dance recital at the end of April. You will receive your dance costume delivered to your child’s preschool in May if your tuition is current/ paid in full.

The $143  is  your only necessary expenses for the recital. We do not charge for admission ticket fees –the recital is a free event, you may invite as may friend and family as you wish. This is a PRE- SCHOOL DANCE RECITAL. It is a VERY SPECIAL day with special pre k activities for your little dancer to enjoy! Photographs, Videography, Flowers, Gifts, Refreshments and Special Vendors.

The Dance Recital is tentatively on Saturday, June 2nd.  The location of the recital is at the Workman Jr High School Auditorium 701 E Arbrook Blvd Arlington TX 76014

You will have a Dress Rehearsal in the early afternoon –at Dress Rehearsal your child will be in full costume. The children will practice their dance on stage and then get their pictures taken with the professional photographer. After the dress REHEARSAL, you will leave and then return later that same day – Saturday, June 2nd for the Dance RECITAL.

Both the Dress Rehearsal and the Recital last approximately 1 Hour long and are BOTH on Saturday, June 2nd .

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