Our recital usually takes place the second Saturday in June. Each dance class will prepare for and participate in a FULL SCALE recital that will end the dance season. This is a VERY SPECIAL day for your little dancer. The entire recital day is geared toward pre-schoolers. This is their day to SHINE!

Your dancers class will participate in either a ballet OR tap routine, not both. Participation is optional. In December you will pay a Costume/Recital fee should you decide to participate. This one fee covers several recital expenses. The costume, tights, hair piece and accessories.  costume tax , S&H, processing of costume, a dance trophy, cost of the venue, cost of venue employees (stage hands) , dancer’s props, stage decorations,  props & special effects. This one time fee is the only charge which means you will not pay for any admission tickets. You may invite as many friends and relatives as you wish. Isn’t that WONDERFUL! 

Each class/school has their own recital routine/song/costume. This is an all day event; no other plans should be made on recital day. You will receive a recital packet mailed to your residence in April full of detailed information. Your child’s costume will be delivered to your daycare/preschool about one month prior to the dance recital. 

We are a Christian company and try very hard to run a business by those virtues. We do not pray during our class time, but do say a prayer prior to the beginning of our dance recital.


Classes begin the third week of August and will run through June 2nd. Dance class consists of one hour of instruction each week:

 1/2 hour Tap and 1/2 hour Ballet  each week   OR     1/2 hour Hip Hop and 1/2 hour Tap each week

Your child will also learn fun Hip Hop dances as rewards. If a class consists of four or less students, classes will be held for 45 minutes.  Should your preschool  be closed or cancel class for ANY  reason-weather, holidays, field trips, etc. -we are not responsible for a make-up class.  Should we cancel class for any reason (other than weather), you may call for a prorated tuition if the class cannot be rescheduled.  There are 2 weather-related/sick teacher days worked into the dance season.  If more than 2 days per dance season are missed due to weather, we will either make-up the dance class or prorate your tuition.

See our website for a calendar of our holidays.  Registration is open all year EXCEPT from March 1st to June 30th of each year. Please NEVER give your registration or payment to your daycare or preschools. These need to be mailed to our office or handled online.  We provide “sweet treats” (3 Skittles) for good listeners, please let us know if your dancer cannot have certain sweet treat items. Each class consists of a maximum of ten dancers or less. We strive for QUALITY not quantity. Some schools allow for multiple classes to be held when we have large enrollments.

Dance Classes Include: Ballet Technique, French Terminology, Tap Technique, Tap Terminology, Hip Hop movements to fun songs, Dances with Props, Games as rewards for great dancing.

Dance Classes Promote:  Good Posture, Strength, Flexibility, Gracefulness, Coordination, Self Esteem, Creativity, Spatial Awareness, Kinesthetic Awareness, Discipline on how to participate/interact in a small group setting. 

Dance Attire:

Students will need both Tap and Ballet shoes.  Any color is acceptable; however, these need not be purchased immediately.  Shoes and dance wear can be purchased through our website –click on the “Order Dancewear /Shoes” link at the top of the page. Leotards (any color or style) are acceptable for dance class, but not required.  Tights: We only allow tights in dance class IF your child already has them on when they arrive to dance. We will not put tights on a dancer (tights take up too much dance time to put on 10 dancers).

Some of the children “dress-out” for dance class, and some do not.  If your child will not be changing into dance attire, please have “gym type” clothing on for maximum mobility.  Our teachers will change your child in and out of their dance attire.  Our teachers will change your child in and out of their dance attire. Please note that a small portion of dance class time is used to dress out for dance class.

Please bring all dance items in a separate bag – i.e. a dance bag or a plastic grocery bag, etc.  Please have your child wear a pull-over dress to school on dance day.  This enables your child to receive more “dance time” and less “changing of the clothes time” in the hour you are paying for dance class. IF your child arrives to preschool close to dance class time, feel free to bring your child to school already in her dance attire. Just have your child’s pullover dress in her dance bag; so at the end of class, the teacher can just pull off the leotard and pull on your child’s dress.

Hip-hoppers or our older students may wear anything they like that is comfortable and allows for movement in class. Students will need both ballet and tap shoes, any color is acceptable; however, these need not be purchased immediately.



**TUITION IS DUE ON THE 1ST  IN OUR OFFICE NO LATER THAN THE 5TH OF EACH MONTH  Tuition is based on a yearly dance season (not a monthly tuition); the yearly fee is broken down into payments for your convenience. Sort of like car insurance. Tuition is not prorated unless your dancer starts classes mid-month. Neither your school, nor your dance instructors are allowed to take your tuition payment. Payments send via your BANK PAY (financial institution) must have your dancers full name indicated for proper crediting.  We highly recommend using your automated bank pay option thru your financial banking institution.  The only information needed is our business address noted below. 

There are 2 weather-related/sick teacher days worked into the dance season.  If more than 2 days per dance season are missed due to weather, we will either make-up the dance class or prorate your tuition. Payments for tuition and fees can be made online using your credit or debit card.  Simply go to our website :  and click on “Make Payment” located to the right of the screen.  To mail in your dance payment: mail check or money order to Dancing Little Stars, 900 N. Walnut Creek Drive PMB #212, Ste 100, Mansfield, TX 76063

You will get a confirmation email from us upon registering your dancer.


LATE FEE-  If your tuition is paid after the 5th a $10 late fee must be included with your payment.

NON- PAYMENTS: Should your account become delinquent,  please contact Maggi Rizzo  682-518-3963 to make arrangements for payment. We can work with any situation. We want your child to dance. However, non- communication re:delinquency is subject to termination from our program.

PAYMENT POSTCARD:  A payment postcard will be mailed to you upon receipt of your registration form. Please keep in an important place.

Our annual calendar is on the back of this postcard.


Parent Observation:

We do not send out progress reports for dance class; however, you are welcome to observe dance class at anytime after the first month. We will email you monthly regarding what your child is learning for that month in dance.

We ask that if you are going to come and watch: that you do not let your child know you are there until after dance class, and that none of the children can see you.  Please peek from the other room, through the window or the door from the outside of the room. We ask that none of our dancers see you until dance class is over.   We have found, through experience, that when parents or any visitor come into the room to watch class, the children (sometimes yours, and sometimes someone else’s) do not dance or do not dance to their full potential.  This can be disruptive to the dance instruction. Visitors can be disruptive to the dance instruction and we want to retain the attention of our dancers at all times.   For security purposes, only daycare staff and employees of Dancing Little Stars are permitted to help the children get dressed into their dance wear or use the restroom. Our instructors are screened to handle preschool children per the requirements of the Department of Children & Families.


Notification of  dancer’s withdrawal from class must be in writing: via letter or our website.  If notification is NOT given by dancer’s parent/guardian to Dancing Little Stars, then any refund is void and not owed to the parent/guardian.  Your school is not responsible for letting us know the status of your dancer.

Special Note:

We make EVERY attempt to discuss and correct any problem that may arise concerning a dancers behavior or attention span during dance class. However, Dancing Little Stars reserves the right to terminate any student’s enrollment in dance class at any time, for any reason.  A parent or guardian may withdrawal their child from dance class at anytime, for any reason.  Dancing Little Stars reserves the right to use group or individual photos taken at the dance recital of your dancer to include, but not limited to our program promotions, displays and material.

Our main form of communication is via EMAIL, please make sure we have a correct email on file for you at all times.